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Pest Management Services Ermington

Adc Pest Control Services For Termite’s Treatment In Ermington

ADC Pest Management has been providing quality services in Australia for 18 years. If you are worried about termites or any other pest you are in the right place to hand over your problem. Termites are so creepy that they destroy everything from as small as paper to as large as a house. For a place like Ermington, it’s not a big deal because of the highly efficient services provided by us. Let’s take a look at different methods for termite treatment in Ermington.

  1. Termite baiting/ monitoring

In this method, baiting stations are made underground near the termite’s area of living. The station has termite’s food combined with a slow-acting substance to kill them.

  1. Nest eradication and colony control 

This method is best if you find the colony of termites. Termiticide sprays kill the nest and a further baiting system is used to control their population.

  1. Pre-construction treatments 

Termite control in Ermington can be successfully achieved by this method. Tunnels are made in boundaries of houses and are filled with termiticides to prevent them from entering into houses. It’s cost-effective and lasts for 5 years.

  1. Complete soil barrier treatment

As they are subterranean dwellers, termites live in soil, so soil barrier treatment involves placing termiticides in the soil near the foundations. In this way, you can control them.

To provide complete pest control services in Ermington, the ADC Pest Management team visits the area and then according to the condition, selects the best treatment plan for pest management. ADC Pest Management provides complete pest control and pest management in Ermington with its experienced and professional team having high-performance skills and in safety and health measures.

For termites to rodents, ADC Pest Management provides different pest control methods in Ermington that include both non chemical and chemical methods. From now on termites will not be a nightmare for you.

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