Risk Management


The manager of ADC is responsible for assessing an operator’s qualifications, e.g. chemical application course prior to the use of handling of chemicals and for completing risk assessment forms. The risk assessment form is reviewed when:

  • work practices change
  • a new chemical is introduced
  • when an updated MSDS is produced by the supplier
  • need is indicated resulting from health surveillance, monitoring or an incident
  • 5 years has lapsed since the last assessment.
Risk assessments are made in the following three areas:

  • Risks to users from the preparation and use of chemicals
  • Risks to others from spray drift, contamination and disposal
  • Risks to persons, property and the environment by accidental events such as spillage.


Information about the hazards of a chemical can be found on the container label and MSDS. This information is also used to assess risks and establish control measures.
All staff employing the handling and application of herbicides and insecticides must have completed the smart train chemical application course.


The following resources are reviewed prior to completion of assessment forms:

  • Smart Train chemical application reference manual AQF3
  • product label
  • MSDS
  • code of practice for the safe use and storage of chemicals
  • AS2507 storage and handling of pesticides
  • Work Cover publications 032, 454, 455
  • health surveillance records
  • risk management records
  • accident report forms.