Work Health and Safety – ADC Pest Management

We’re Committed to Health and Safety

ADC is committed to ensuring that a safe and healthy work environment is provided for its employers, contractors and clients. Our commitment extends to ensuring that ADC’s operations do not place the local community at risk of injury, illness or property damage.

ADC will comply with all Work Health & Safety related requirements and standards and will use managed work systems that are supported by documented and audited standards and procedures.

ADC ensures that should a worker be injured they would receive prompt, effective rehabilitation and that any workers compensation claims would be managed in an equitable way consistent with legislative requirements and standards.

Guiding principles with regard to Work Health & Safety are to:

    • Be proactive in assessing health, safety and risks for new business, new and existing work systems, practices and equipment
    • Report and investigate incidents and implement systems and practices that prevent reoccurrence
    • Ensure products and equipment are safe and are used in the correct manner
    • Train employees to competently perform their work practices safely

We believe that Work Health & Safety is everyone’s responsibility and at ADC we recognize the importance of leading and promoting the highest principles and practices so as to ensure healthy and safety.

WHS Policy

ADC Pest Management is dedicated to maintaining a company where:

    • There is a positive and just safety culture in the organisation
    • Our customers and staff are safe from injury and workplace-related illness
    • Risks are pro-actively managed to minimise incidents

The foundation of our safety policy is summarised in these principles:

    • Good safety performance requires planning, training, consultation, supervision and accountability
    • Risks are identified and either eliminated or effectively managed
    • All requirements of WHS and safety legislation are met
    • All injuries are preventable

To foster these principles and implement our policy, ADC Pest Management:

    • Establishes measurable objectives and targets at continually improving safety performance and elimination of illness and injury
    • Plans for continual improvement and provide resources required
    • Trains employees and develops their safety competencies