About – ADC Pest Management


For the past 18 years ADC has been committed to actively providing organisations and the local community with a quality service in the control of pests.
It is our aim to continue providing a cost-effective, quality service tailored to the client’s individual needs that complies with Australian Standards and legislative requirements.

ADC maintains a focus on customer satisfaction, environmental awareness and the safe and judicious use of pesticides and herbicides, whilst continuing to build upon an excellent safety record.

By developing and promoting high performance operational procedures in conjunction with sound Occupational Health & Safety practices, this has enabled ADC to effectively incorporate best practice in all its business operations.

ADC quality management systems and work place practices are continually evolving so as to stay at the forefront of the pest and weed control industry.

ADC continues to further develop its quality systems, and is committed to implementing best practice at all times when providing services to its clients and in the business day-to-day operations.